Influenza and covid-19 vaccination

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the government has been looking for ways to make certain vaccines more accessible to the population and has requested the collaboration of pharmacies. The team of the Central Pharmacynear Nyon, is trained in vaccination against influenza and Covid-19.

Pharmacie Centrale near Nyon : The benefits of vaccination against influenza and Covid-19

Vaccination involves injecting a weakened virus into the body to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. The antibodies repel the virus and prevent it from spreading to different parts of the body. It is an effective way to protect yourself and fight the disease. The influenza and covid-19 vaccination prevents the severe form of the diseases or simply their transmission in the vaccinated person. It therefore limits the spread of the pandemic. Vaccine boosters are necessary to reinforce the effectiveness of antibodies, because the antigens can forget how to fight viruses.

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