The Central Pharmacynear Nyon, sells parapharmacy products. A complete range of products from different laboratories is available to satisfy all types of skin and hair.

The Pharmacie Centrale, near Nyon, offers a complete range of parapharmacy products

The parapharmacy is different from a classic pharmacy because it only offers beauty, hygiene and care products. It is not allowed to sell medicines. The products include cosmetics such as creams and make-up, beauty accessories such as hairbrushes, elastics, clips, as well as personal hygiene products such as soap, shower gel or shampoo. The purchase does not require a medical prescription, however the advice of a pharmacist is recommended for an optimal use in care and well-being. The purchase of parapharmaceutical products is not covered by health insurance, but some health insurance contracts offer to do so.

To find parapharmacy products, you can go to the Central Pharmacy located at 132 Grande Rue, 01220 Divonne-les-Bains, near Nyon. For more information on the products, you can also call us at 04 50 20 00 93 or send us an email via the contact form.